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Four Tips to Prepare for a Family Photography Session

You've done it. The deposit is paid. The contract is signed. You've booked a photography session for some updated photos of you and your family. Now begins the stress of preparing for the session. What will you wear? Will the kids cooperate? Better yet.. will your husband cooperate? Let me help you make this as stress-free as possible with 4 tips to help you prepare.

1) Book your session at least two weeks in advance.

You need to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. You will more than likely order clothing online (amazon is muh life, so I get it). This gives you time to order, return, and re-order if something doesn't fit right or you simply do not like it. It also gives you time to schedule a hair cut for your child or husband (or husband-child).

2) Bring an extra change of clothes for each family member in the car.

It never fails. While running through the field, a kid falls and gets covered in mud. The baby spit up all over her dress. Dad spilled his Pepsi on his shirt in the car before the photos even started. Give yourself this small peace of mind by being over-prepared with clothing options.

3) Dress in jewel tones or neutral colors. No stripes, or polka dots.

Jewel tones and neutral colors photograph best. It's important to not match "too much". Don't put every family member in a white t-shirt and khakis. Pick one jewel tone and one neutral for a family session. Use those two colors in unison. For example: Mom wears an emerald dress. Dad wears khakis and a white button up. Big brother wears an emerald polo with khaki shorts. Daughter wears a white dress with a khaki or emerald design with an emerald bow in her hair. It's important to be as minimalist as possible when it comes to attire.

4) Enjoy the moment. Soak it all in. Have fun.

It's very easy to get worked up before the session even occurs. The kids are arguing in the backseat. Your hair isn't laying right. Your husband is grumpy because he doesn't want to do it. Try to remind yourself that these are moments in time that pass us by so quickly, You will have these images to look back on. You'll miss the days when the kids are arguing in the backseat before a photoshoot when they're grown and starting families of their own. Cherish every second.. even the madness.

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