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Colorful + Playful.

Hi there! I’m Autumn! Your 6 foot photographer. I aspire for my work to show colorful, creative, playful imagery.

A little bit about me—I’m a dog mom, gym rat, Mexican food connoisseur, and Starbucks addict. Give me an iced coffee with extra cream and I truly feel like I can accomplish anything. I'm a big fan of neutral colors, thrift shopping, and traveling!

Whether it’s capturing the unique personalities of my seniors, the sweet moments between parents and children, or the love gushing between a newly engaged couple.. I’m honored to have the opportunity to freeze these moments in time for my clients. I support all love, all humans, from all walks of life. You are welcome here.

I am located in Charleston, West Virginia-- but you can fly me anywhere! :)


"A photograph is the pause button on life."


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Like what you see? Contact me!

(I totally didn't mean to rhyme there.. but we'll go with it).

Sending me a message on my Facebook page is the best way to get ahold of me, or you can fill out the form below! I will be in contact as soon as possible.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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